Ebb And Flow: Birth Day Thoughts, Oct. 14, 2016

“Man surprised me most about humanity. Because he sacrifices his health in order to make money.
Then he sacrifices money to recuperate his health. And then he is so anxious about the future that he does not enjoy the present; the result being that he does not live in the present or the future; he lives as if he is never going to die, and then dies having never really lived.” Dalai Lama

We are born to experience, learn, grow, and LOVE…. And whether or not we choose to fully embrace the life we are given, one day our opportunities will be spent and our life will be over. As the Dalai Lama warns us, more of a loss than any life ending, is that of a life never fully lived.

If this prognosis is depressing to you, it may be a wake-up call. Every moment offers its own joy; each unwittingly passing you by because of a fundamental disconnection. While you dare to wish for what you desire, life demands more of you in order to attain your desire.

We must live with the intention of making each moment count, immersed in the conscious awareness of giving and receiving of LOVE.

In order to expand beyond superficial awareness, we are granted a long series of experiences from which to learn, as each offers to support and nourish us through growth. We begin our journey as we are expelled from the only home we’ve known; where we have been nurtured in sublime peace through a miraculous 9-month evolution. This marks our transformation from seed to human being through being nurtured and nourished with a mother’s love. The experience may unfold after allowing for possible forceps delivery, perhaps numerous changing of hands from delivering doctor to assisting nurse, as we are flicked for reaction, checked for vitals, and subjected to post-partum cleanup, for good measure. At some point shortly after our first breath however, we are likely to be delivered back into the loving hands of the one whose familiar energy perfectly resonates with our sole/soul experience.

Our earliest moments constitute our arrival into the most sacred mystery of life. Imagine the need for safety and security after the tumultuous experience of birth, as we are quickly united in “oneness” with our source. We now experience love as inseparable from life itself. This hallmark becomes the template for all growth, evoking in us the felt sense of peace through“being loved”. This and other early experiences of love presage our most intimate need for safety, that help us recognize our inherent “right to exist”. All the experiences from birth to mid-childhood will determine our future self-esteem and establish our character. Multi-layers of scaffolding create what becomes our self-identity, the stage on which we will play out all the role(s) of our lifetime.

 There will be a vast array of productions in which to mould our lives, for better or for worse; each providing us with or denying us security and love. Each experience will instil us with hope and optimism, or relentless insecurity and fear. All varieties of scripts are presented for our growth. Each scenario offers something different.Every experience and relationship may deliver us deeper into the loving embrace of life, or to threaten our security by distancing us from our sense of love and safety. We begin as helpless beneficiaries of whatever script is handed us. Powerless and dependent, we cycle between events that move us towards or away from resonance with our heart.

Those who have produced us (parents and caregivers alike), shape us even according to their own early circumstances. We are each a single link in the chain of a multi-generational legacy. If we are truly fortunate, we may enter once again into a familiar sense of oneness, causing our eyes to open inwards in search of the source. A brief experience of resonance may re-awaken the bliss we knew before we were separated from the womb. As though by the wave of a magic wand, we are suddenly awakened from the delusion of separation we suffered upon delivery into the world.

It is difficult to master control of the reigns without the confidence gain through early years of validation through unconditional love. Nature directs the ebb and the flow of energy for all human action and interaction, just as all things under the sun. As energy can be constricted and repressed from self-expression, so too the heart’s over-flowing capacity of to recognizes love emanates from within. Love is the singular, essential, pulsating life force that seeks eternal expansiveness.

Our allotment of days gives us ample time to increasing master our lives. With each step, we can grow in confidence, seizing control through self-directing hands. Increasing clarity helps us chart our own course through life, keeping our eye on the prize that is our sacred destiny. Our heart’s mission is to bring back us into the freedom of being all we are,  breaking ties to all that binds us and blinds us.

Anxiety, depression and other signs of emotional dis-function are demonstrations of diminished life force that act as signposts to awaken us. Too much time has been spent in inattention of our needs.  At other times, our physical body may swell with inflammation, i.e. through chronic manifestations such as irritable bowel, autoimmune disorders, etc. Alternately, we may suffer from various “dis-eases” of constraint that block our vital energy channels; i.e. heart disease, stroke, etc. Shifting direction becomes necessary to achieve a path congruent with our heart’s longing.

All manifestations of disease are to some degree, an externalization of internal oppression. Relentless suffering at our deepest core is unsustainable. Inner-suffocation unleashes our silent scream to awaken us. The long absence from feelings of “unity” and “oneness”  are stirred in order to awaken us from our slumber of delusional thinking. No longer can we be satisfied with “everything is okay”.

 A time before birth, bathing in a womb of security and ease, long forgotten, still resonates. Our whole being longs to return to our familiar mantle of peace and comfort. The body remembers.

Once we have re-experienced bliss for even a single moment, we re-activate the body’s memory; a system of collective and eternal memory embedded in our human physiology, from time immemorial. The re-activation of past bliss-memory is a dramatic moment of re-awakening; a sudden return home to where we feel a sense of belonging. It turns out “home” is that feeling of belonging; indelibly linked to the safety of our first home… the womb. Our experience of feeling a sense of belonging can be re-established at will. All life experiences are opportunities to prime our senses towards varied elusive pleasures, aimed at igniting a longing for the sweetness of coming home.

Each positive experience alludes to the blissful security home offers. Every painful experience awakens in us, the need for what our heart is relentlessly seeking. A life lived with pain, even at the hands of those we consider enemies, is a life pleading with us to awaken to a better reality; the familiar resonance our heart is constantly attuned to.

Mindful choice grants us the ability to choose the path that leads to unity and oneness. Thought is energy. We may thoughtfully pick up the reigns and fully re-possess our energy in effort to direct our journey along a path of love and compassion. As each successive signpost directs us towards a flow of deeper peace and greater ease, we find New Harmony. With each new moment, we gain affirmation of our direction. Our sense of life-flow prevails, while yet-to-come ebbs are minimized as we chart our course in resonance with love.

In the end, this is our journey, alone to determine. We have been set forth in life by those who have come before us. We are given ample opportunity to make of our lives what we choose. On this Birth Day, my wish is for all sentient beings to discover what it means to live in unity and oneness with the flow of life itself, through love and compassion, in peace and with ease.

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