Fear And Shame – Part II

Perhaps, the intractable pain and suffering carried by all past generations is an old legacy that can provide new meaning.

Perhaps, it is now time to acknowledge our struggle in effort to break free; purging ourselves of primal shame and returning to our original state of bliss.

How do we begin to address our painful legacy of buried shame?

Shame exists as an abiding sense of feeling flawed, deep within our being. Often regardless of our actions, we feel inadequate, imperfect and unworthy. It is no easy task to uproot long-held self-perceptions that are deeply entrenched in our circuitry. There will be no quick fix.  Building a new positive self-image can however, be achieved step by step through the intention of, and commitment to acquiring the skills of true self-awareness. Our dedication to self-compassionate inquiry clears our habitual patterns and cultivates within us a new awareness of appropriate responses that spawn endless new possibilities.

The quest for a better life begins through acknowledging the “possibility for change”. We are then free to accept personal responsibility for achieving self-empowerment through knowing “we alone can make right only that which is ours to control”.

By taking full ownership of our deeds, we confront our past inclination for denial of truth. Self-acceptance is a basic prerequisite for freeing our selves of the need for denial as a cover for our pain. We shift gears to establish our way along a new path; one where we are better able to convert shame that overwhelms us into healthy guilt that we can deal with. We move towards absolving our selves of past, self-limiting misdeeds by first facing them. As we separate our actions from our identity, we access truth by seeing our selves with clarity. We are indeed, so much more than the mistakes we have made. We begin to see the wholeness of our who we are, with compassion. By feeling true remorse for our misdeeds, we can then choose actions to restore faith in ourself, thus beginning a new chapter of compassionate behavior towards all.

Awareness, acceptance without judgment, and actionable responsibility are the key ingredients to enable positive change.

Even the smallest steps along a newly self-aware mental landscape will provide giant strides forward for ourselves, as well as for humankind.

The Garden of Eden awaits our return. We have it within us, we only need to rise above our human legacy of shame that implicitly separates us from truth of our birthright. It is time to take back our rightful place in the narrative of creation, radiating our inner-light over all beings.


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