love-brainThe Stylistics may have had it right when they sang, “You are everything and everything is you”. In their hit song, “You are everything”, this single line expresses the central epiphany of human love… that under its influence, one experiences our true SPIRIT nature, i.e. our ability for feelings of unity and oneness with all things.

Ongoing brain studies try to elucidate what constitutes love… scientifically. We are gaining information through studies in “brain mapping” of neurons lighting up as they are “turned on” by an experience of love. Scientists have mapped many aspects of this complex system, precipitated by the activation and release of a mixture of reward chemicals such as dopamine and bonding transmitters such as oxytocin and vasopressin. However, all findings to date neglect to fully explain a substrate of the oneness that defines the spiritual dimension that is love.

Illuminating our understanding for the higher dimensions of “spirit realm” requires an awareness of how various brain centres work together to create a felt sense of inner safety together with a sense of inter-connectedness with others and our environment. Brain studies on the impact of our neuro chemical pleasure/safety system, demonstrate that when our safety and connectedness circuits are satisfied, we are better inclined to access vast swaths of unexplored brain tracts. When our perceptions of fear are quieted, we may enter a higher state where new focus on creative endeavors is enabled. Entering into a higher state of awareness opens our capacity to discover new, unexplored channels of neuro circuitry. As we continue forwards through our species’ cognitive, scientific, technological, and other yet-to-come revolutions, it appears our capacity for love may best predict the direction of human evolution.  

There seems an implicit link between existing in a state of “love” and entering the higher domain of spirit, where new neural landscape is available to our elevated vibrational energy. The spirit realm (as it exists outside of time and space) is lighter, brighter, and more effortless. It offers to enhance our odds for fulfilling our unique and vast inner-potential. From spirit, we co-create our destiny relative to the inter-relationship with each other and the environment. 

Spirit realm allows us to glean the meaning behind, “You are everything and everything is you”, as it implies “You are me and I am you, and as such we together are united with all that is”. One is wont to know this, without exposure to the effects of neurotransmitters and chemicals responsible for opening up new pathways. These channels of “love” await our discovery, deep within existing brain centres.

Anyone who has experienced the headiness of being “in love” (a significant difference from a more pragmatic definition of love as caring for another through ethical obligation), immediately understands the implicit nature of entering an altered realm, where all ordinary things are elevated to a new level of meaning infused with beauty, awe, and reverence.

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