There is no love like a mother’s love


Today I view Mother’s Day differently from all past Mother’s Days. This first Mother’s Day since my mother has departed; I feel a new reverence, a new sacred energy for paying tribute to the one who brought me to life; creating and nourishing me in so many more ways than failing me. Today I am strong, I am living from my centre, I am independent minded and not easily swayed by a crowd. I am a lover of life, and am learning to be tolerant of all those who have not yet experienced fulfillment available through risking the vulnerability of a fully open heart. Today, I no longer believe in multi-tasking, as I understand the merit of focusing exclusively on one thing at a time without distraction, so as to be fully present to all that moment has to offer. I have not always been capable of such convictions.

And today has offered me yet another moment of truth, as I suddenly realize that the desires and expectations I have unwittingly placed on my own children are little different from those my mother placed on me. I have wanted too much of them in terms of their demonstration of loyalty and devotion. I have resisted feeling from my centre that these attributes are already implicit in our relationship and it is only for me to live from my endless love and devotion to them.

I am fortunate to have gained the privilege over the last several years of repaying the debt owed to my mother; caring for her as she ailed, loving her fully and completely without judgment. Throughout her illness, her vulnerability provided a latent foundation for the softening of my heart towards the weakness and/or deficiencies I too long held her accountable for. I see the parallel of my own children also regarding me through the role of Archetypal Mother figure. From that amplified vantage, I am sure to disappoint them. I am today buoyed by knowing they too will see when their time arrives, that there is nothing so great as a mother’s love. A mother’s love courses deeply through her arteries and veins, inextricably attached to the blood cells that nourish her being. Just as the mother lion, we too exemplify our relentless commitment to our offspring by willingly sacrificing our needs, energy, and when called for, even our lives for the greater cause of ensuring their ability to thrive.

Mother… co-creator of life; there is no greater gift to offer than life itself. It is through life, that all opportunities are created. We are after all, spiritual beings living a physical existence. That we forget this truth at the moment we come into being is no one’s fault. Many a woman is not yet awakened to recalling her true spirit nature… until the first moment the miracle of childbirth is experienced. In that moment, she is thrust back into the divinity of her true spirit nature. No mother can deny the overwhelming heartfelt emotions felt in that awesome moment of bringing new life into the world. In that single definitive moment; along with child, we too are delivered… back into our spirit nature. The state of awakening infuses our soul, but often only for a matter of moments, hours, or weeks. The spell is inevitably broken, as once again we fall into mundane reality. We are shaken back into the delusion of physical reality by sleepless nights, diapers, and the endless demands from children whose very purpose it is to separate their existence from ours. We are plunged backwards into darkness, as our spirit nature resumes a back seat in the production of our lifetime. Just as the wake-up call comes, it inevitably goes. We fall back into forgetfulness.

Upon visiting the cemetery today, my soul made a lucid connection with my dear mother… I felt her loving presence as she acknowledged the truth I always knew. We are connected; as we were even when there was a chasm between us. I see clearly now that the gap was only a delusion created by the dense veil of physical limitations. There is no separation in the vastness of our heart space that opens us to the domain of our soul; there is only oneness, love and communion. These are the only truths that penetrate our soul.

I am content to know that even as my children love me today, in time they will discover what I have discovered; there is nothing that separates us in spirit. We are immutably connected through the heart. Our spirits exist in communion, with or without their tacit knowing. Separation is merely the delusion that ebbs and flows through the physical world. The delusion is as temporary as corporeal existence, soon to be forgotten while the legacy of love lives on forever.

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