Where To Begin??

 ‘Today you are You, that is truer than true. There is no one alive who is Youer than You.’   Dr. Seuss

Can anything be more obvious than where to begin? There is nowhere better to begin than where YOU are, as YOU are, HERE…NOW.

This seemingly basic concept is so critical to beginning, that all 196 sutras (passages) of Yoga are premised on this very theme. The sutras are the individual threads of ancient Eastern knowledge, compiled by a dude (Patanjali) who sought to repackage age-old wisdom for the benefit of universal truth seekers for all time. Each sutra is a laser-beam of light aimed towards bringing us home, i.e. attaining our highest level of Self.

Yoga’s ‘how to’ manual offers up ancient yet relevant secrets that spell out how to live in the NOW with a more favourable ‘Wow’ : ‘Bummer’ ratio. The first sutra provides the foundation of all that follows, “NOW begins the time for direct instruction on the practice of Yoga”.

Yoga means union, referring to our potentially most sacred state of being; a state of oneness, where all energy is in union or flow with our Self, others, and the entire universe. “Oneness” brings us to bask in the chilled vibe of complete ease and peace, a.k.a. bliss, a reward granted without any external inducement (like addictive stuff some people opt for). If you don’t know what I’m talking about yet, don’t fret… all the more reason to stick with the program and discover how much inner power already exists by cutting through the dense layers that are blocking the way. A primary objective of Yoga practice is learning to control the natural wanderings of our mind (everyone has a degree of ADD) for the purpose of jiving within and without.

Still, there’s the problem of how do YOU begin NOW to transmit new knowledge into a brain that’s already fuller than full?? Yoga requires you to thoroughly digest and assimilate whatever is in this moment (it work similar to your gut), in order to gainfully metabolize your new skills.

You begin by understanding that you bring to the table all previous life experiences (including all lessons you were taught by those who love you most) that have conditioned you into believing that YOU ARE your story. You begin by understanding that it’s delusional to conceive new information through pure perception, having long ago become accustomed to seeing the world through a dusty (i.e. distorted) viewing lens. You begin to see that each experience since the moment of your birth, has etched its mark somewhere within you. From all experiences you recall with fondness or with dread, to the many thousands more that escape your recall; the psychic map of every life event lies embedded within your physical being. Within the vast, multiple layers of buried treasure that is our emotional trove, lays all our hidden motivations, responsible for every thought that precedes every false belief, every spoken word and every action. Who knew??

NOW begins the exploration. NOW begins the sweat and tears required for going down into the trenches to practice hard-won new skills. NOW begins the journey back to see the wizard; that all-important journey down the yellow brick road, past lions and tigers and bears, not to mention the terrifying witch and her broomstick; leading YOU back to your Self. NOW begins the experience of moving mindfully through Oz… into the light; to reclaim the spark of YOU that resides within. The discovery is none other than “There’s no place like home”, the core of your being; that makes YOU the truly exceptional, extraordinary, and unique individual that YOU are.

Through progressive enquiry combining insights of Yoga, psychotherapeutic tools and my own lived experience, subsequent posts of LightMoves.ca will be geared to offering you some insight, large or small, to assist you in finding your way back home. Home is where the heart is; Home is the centre of our being. Home, is where we  gain the courage, compassion, and inner-strength required to weather every storm without, to maintain equanimity within, to feel gratitude for all that we encounter, to live the life that is uniquely ours, with love and joy, wonder and peace.

I hope you will find new thoughts to ponder, new concepts to wrestle with, new dimensions to challenge you; and I gratefully welcome any sharing you have to offer. Through the skilful practice of communication that we have uniquely been blessed with as a species, humanity gains its best hope of learning through one another; understanding that every one of us acts as both student and teacher in this magical world we share together.


****I would like to dedicate each blog to someone who in some way inspired me in the direction of each post.

Today, I dedicate my first blog post to Sherry.



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