Oh, What Greatness Lies Within – Part 2

“A piece of your brain the size of a grain of sand would contain one hundred thousand neurons, two million axons and one billion synapses, all ‘talking to’ each other. Given these figures, it’s been calculated that the number of possible brain states – the number of permutations and combinations of activity that are theoretically possible – exceeds the number of elementary particles in the universe.”

V.S. Ramachandran, Phantoms In The Brain (1998)

Now that you have gained a better understanding of the vast potential of your cognitive (thinking) mind, there is something more to consider…

Needs; not necessarily what you assume

a) Present moment (what you know)

b) Pre-existing (what you don’t know)

What prevents us from meeting our own needs??

Answering this basic question will help unlock access to your vast inner potential. The answers are multi-fold, unlike delusional beliefs offered by quacks and reinforced through Hollywood movies. There is no magic bullet for you to unleash your brain’s full potential. The complexity of your brain (of which the mind is but the thinking component) cannot be expected to offer such quick and easy solutions. Reality demands that your needs extend far beyond what you assume to be true (let’s call this, “what you know”). Virtual reality of the mind is based on your distorted awareness of past needs (for simplicity, we’ll call this, “what you don’t know”).

You are required to remove your blinders if you wish to uncover (and respond to) the truth of your present day needs. You are constantly constrained through default mode operation, a residual of past experiences (i.e. what you don’t know). These pathways take root with minimal effort, quickly becoming habit. Your present state of mind (i.e. what you think you know) contains a window to the past, as it filters your long-felt needs through your present lens of experience. A self-denied need (i.e. what you don’t know) may confer much greater urgency to action than a conscious need (i.e. what you know), since awareness offers you free choice, i.e. ability to shift your thinking mind.

Why is this so confusing??

If it sounds confusing, the truth lies in the confusion!! Early on, as infants we had one pre-eminent need, that for survival. In innocence, our awareness (even before we were thinking beings) was driven solely by the need to survive. Your survival need is met by maintaining the vital bond to your caregiver, prompting all secondary needs to take a back seat but not to disappear. This rule sets your default apparatus down, a habitual operating mode that may last a lifetime and sends your unfulfilled needs into hiding. This pre-condition for your central nervous system remains in place even once you have outgrown our need for it. It may cause you untold suffering in later years.

 As adults, especially those living in democratic first-world societies, we have been conditioned to believe we have capacity for free choice. Mental conditioning supports delusion. You remain unaware that freedom of choice may be upended by old circuitry. Residual thought patterns (conscious and unconscious) of old belief systems block your ability to achieve, and sabotage the pursuit of your goals. Uprooting old circuitry is the basis for re-establishing access to your unlimited potential within. Pre-existing conditions are not quick and easy to resolve. Change requires patience, practice, dedication, and a positive attitude.

 How many of us steadfastly apply all these virtues to our endeavours??

Today, the pursuit of knowledge can instantly be addressed via your fingertips, as cyber waves meet your quest for answers by connecting us to “Google”. Today’s minds lack initiative and opportunity for creative exercise in the same way our bodies lack tone and vigor, having become conditioned to sedentary lives. No gain that comes without effort is truly cost-free.

How do we recover our potential for access to true freedom of choice?

To achieve a well-toned and well-conditioned physique, it is necessary to stick to your intention to create change, over the course of many months and years. The process requires you to nourish the conditions for growth, and commit to years of subsequent practice to sustain all hard-won achievements. All seductive tools and marketing ploys aim to exploit human weakness looking for a quick fix. There is no substitute for hard work. There is no better option than to focus your attention on learning skills, followed by repeated practice of skills to establish new behavioral patterns. This formula offers you the closest thing to a guarantee for achieving your desired results. You will build the best body your genetic code permits. It’s really as simple (not easy) as that!!

 Dedication is the true cost of admission to the access point for all your creative potential. Just as for physical conditioning, fulfilling your mind’s creative potential requires your total commitment to the pursuit of self-examination throughout your lifetime. Painstakingly cultivating all pre-conditions for your mind’s growth offers the closest thing to a guarantee for freeing it from the obstacles that constrain it from within.

No pain, no gain.

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