About me

Yoga retreat warrior

I am equal parts warrior and pacifist, dreamer and realist, Earth dweller and Spirit. I mediate challenges through the opportunities that exist within them. I maximize my human potential through love and compassion. I honour my Wholeness by accessing my inner knowing from the quiet within and using this space to inform my actions. I am a conduit for the energies of love and peace.

Bio – My integrated approach to understanding myself and others is rooted in both empirical science (left brain) as well as my intuitive heart centre (right brain). My first professional career was as a physiotherapist, where I gained insight through anatomy and movement. My next career as a personal trainer taught me that with passion, training, and dedication, we can surpass many previously limiting physical boundaries.  Next along came my love for yoga, where I integrated my knowledge of the physical body with a deeply profound awareness of the energetic systems that animate and constrain us. Exploring the ancient wisdom of Yoga fascinated me and propelled me towards continuing my studies for teacher certification. Ultimately, my interests compelled to meld my knowledge of Western Science with the Eastern wisdom of Yoga practice through the study of Yoga Therapy in the Krishnamacarya tradition. My early work with trauma clients and PTSD, drove me towards continuing the exploration of the powerful influence of our unconscious minds by studying spiritual psychotherapy.

I am currently completing psychotherapy training at the Transformational Arts College (Toronto), in order to offer the best of my integrated skills for listening to mind and body. I humbly offer my services to anyone who is seeking to move “Into The Light”, in order to live with greater ease and joy, and contribute to collectively raising our planet’s vibrational frequency from surviving to thriving.